Flexible Use of Facilities

Comprising four standard floors and a top floor, the Center for Continuing Education has a total of 36 modern and excellently equipped rooms available for hire. These include a main lecture hall, 16 plenary and 12 group rooms, plus seven additional rooms on the top floor, including one with a one-way-glass wall. Generous windows provide plenty of natural light and all rooms are equipped with lightweight, comfortable, and mobile furniture, as well as the latest technology, all of which guarantees smooth transitions between different approaches to teaching and learning. The standard configuration for a continuing education course consists of a plenary room and several group rooms.

The following rooms are available for hire:

  Size Room category
Main lecture hall (max. 108 persons) 133 m2  
Large plenary hall 118 m2 06a, 12
Small plenary hall 73 m2 02, 09
Large group room 49 m2 05
Small group room 23-26 m2 10, 11
Group room, top floor 27-41 m2 K01-K03, K07, K12, K14, K16, K18
One-way-glass room   K04/K05

Long-Term Advance Bookings

Rooms in the Center for Continuing Education can be booked up to two and a half years in advance. Bookings can be made for half-day, full-day, or multi-day events from Monday to Saturday.

For detailed information, personal advice, and reservation inquiries, please contact the reception desk.

Latest Technology

The Center for Continuing Education is fitted out with the latest technical facilities. All rooms are equipped with multi-media infrastructure, flexible wiring options, and unlimited Internet access, enabling instructors to employ the teaching aids of their choice.